Ayub Yaqoob Engineering Co.

AYECo. Is an electric wheelchair manufacturing company, we are about to launch world’s first commercially available smart electric wheelchair and Pakistan’s cheapest electric wheelchair with after sales services (Never offered before by any company). We are planning to capture a huge chunk of total market size of 481.6 $ million. We have a strong social impact because we will be empowering 0.8 million disabled people of Pakistan

Among normal, there are people around who are disabled, and among disabled there are people who cannot walk, and those who cannot walk need to be dependent on others, they are 100 million in world and 0.81 million in Pakistan, out from the mainstream. Disability assistive devices are very expensive to afford for middle or lower middle class and the affordable devices are of very low quality. 

Our Voice Controlled Electric Wheelchair is world’s 1st commercially available smart electric wheelchair and Pakistan’s cheapest Electric wheelchair (50 % cheaper than then cheapest available electric wheelchair), with additional Call N Go feature, which enables the users to remotely call their wheelchair through voice commands on their smartphone. Our product is no lesser than the high end electric chairs available in the market, which are 10 times more expensive than ours.


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